Download Minecraft Force Op 1.7.10 and 1.7.9

How to Force Op Minecraft Servers?

This hack works for Minecraft versions 1.2.6 - 1.7.10. Minecraft Force Op is not hard if you are thinking about it. With the help of Minecraft Force Op 1.7.10 Tool you can force op minecraft servers in just seconds. What you need to do is to get the Minecraft Force Op 1.7.10 Tool which you can download by clicking the download button below.


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You do not have to complete any survey in order to use this tool. And it works !

Minecraft Force Op 1.7.10 Steps and Instructions:

Our Minecraft Force Op Tool works great on the new 1.7.10 version. We fixed some major bugs from the 1.5.2 version. If you find any bugs, please contact us: bugreport*@* (without *). Minecraft Force Op 1.7.2 is the most advanced hack ever released!

We also updated to 1.7.10, the minecraft force op 1.7.10 available !

With this new version of hack, all you have to do is to enter the server ip and click the launch button.

Bugs fixed:

  • MC-149 – Powered pistons drop as items in creative
  • MC-14359 – Direct Connect does not remember port
  • MC-14415 – Rope part of the leash turns invisible in some angles
  • MC-15024 – Hay blocks can not be crafted back into wheat
  • MC-15161 – Gliding crosshair when on a saddled horse
  • MC-15547 – “Nether-Fortress-Only” Mobs no longer spawning in previously generated Fortresses
  • MC-16170 – Unarmored horses appear as wearing diamond armor
  • MC-16222 – Baby Zombies are far too fast
  • MC-16267 – Cannot change Horse Armor like Player Armor by clicking with another armor piece on slot

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